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2 Dec

Distributed Data Explored Part I

Ever wonder how it works and how it compares to RAID? Start here with an introduction to distributed data in Part I of our two part series

9 Dec

Distributed Data Explored Part II

We are ready to put the finishing touches on this entry! Here we will put the final touches on our distributed data concept.

Fun Facts / Did you know?

  • IDC conservatively pegs the total amount of stored digital data in 2020 will be greater than 35 zettabytes, which is 35 billion terabytes.
  • The global Internet population grew 6.59% from 2010 to 2011 and now represents 2.1 billion people.
  • IDC Estimates that by 2020,business transactions on the internet - business-to-business and business-to-consumer – will reach 450 billion per day
  • You have a 62% chance of data loss due to an uncorrectable read error on a 7 drive (2 TB each) RAID 5 with one failed disk, assuming a 10^14 read error rate and 23 billion sectors in 12 TB. Feeling lucky?